Friday, June 30, 2017

Wholesome Family Activities

Our family got together for Family Home Evening to come up with some wholesome family activities that we can do as a family to help strengthen our bonds and relationships. This could not include any electronics and little to no money.

1 Have a picnic
2 play at the park
3 Go swimming
4 play card games
5 bake a cake
6 play a board game
7 Go on a walk
8 Walk the dogs
9 play charades
10 Hiking
11 camping
12 Go to the river and skip rocks
13 reading books
14 cook dinner
15 have an indoor picnic
16 have a dance party
17 look through old photos
18 write letters to loved ones
19 have a bonfire
20 build an indoor fort
21 play favorite music
22 learn to knit or crochet
23 bake muffins
24 do easy crafts
25 color
26 make something for someone else
27 family bike ride
28 play tennis
29 yard work
30 laundry folding
31 volunteer in community
32 wash the cars
33 family slumber party
34 create a scrapbook together
35 set up a lemonade stand
36 have a garage sale
37 attend church together
38 go rollerblading
39 create busy bags for kids on a road trip
40 create a home version of a popular game show
41 bake cookies
42 make decorations for home
43 play flag football
44 play hide and go seek
45 create homemade birthday or holiday cards
46 take a dance class together
47 search for constellations/stars
48 have a family BBQ
49 create emergency plans/fire escape
50 create first aid kit
51 create a family tree
52 create and practice a family play
53 test drive cars
54 go visit open houses
55 create a family recipe book
56 learn a home repair
57 start a collection (rocks, beads, coins)
58 make a grocery list and shop
59 have a scavenger hunt
60 work on a puzzle
61 create a local list of kids eat free locations and attend one
62 create a family handshake
63 create a family mission statement
64 label all the things in house with a new language to learn
65 have a bubble blowing contest
66 have a water balloon fight
67 have a pushup contest
68 have a home professional photoshoot
69 write a family song
70 go to a museum
71 go to a local splash park
72 visit the library
73 create a time capsule and bury it in the back yard
74 collect pictures of a dream home
75 perform magic tricks
76 collect and paint rocks
77 collect leaves
78 play four square
79 skype out of town family
80 start a garden
81 play  kick the can
82 donate things to D.I.
83 have a formal dinner at home(including  servers, menu, dressing up)
84 have a karaoke night
85 go fishing
86 hang pictures in house
87 paint a bedroom
88 have a family house party
89 fly kites
90 set up a recycle system in home
91 make snow angels
92 make a snow fort
93 snowball fight
94 sledding
95 make a fireplace fire in home and roast marshmallows
96 play with outdoor chalk
97 make homemade popsicles
98 make homemade icecream
99 go to the beach
100 water gun fight

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